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5 Essential Bathroom Cleaners

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What are the basic bathroom cleaners that I should have in my bathroom?

5 Essential Bathroom Cleaners

There are many different areas that need cleaning in a bathroom. No one instrument or cleaner can tackle them all. If you plan on maintaining a bthroom, here are 4 essential bathroom cleaners that every bathroom should possess.

1. Toilet Brush – Nothing in your bathroom gets more use than the toilet. A good toilet brush is necessary to keep the dirtiest part of the bathroom clean.

2. Glass Cleaner – With mirrors and maybe even glass doors to a shower, every bathroom needs glass cleaner for at least a few areas.

3. Mildew Remover – Between showers, sinks, and toilets, bathrooms are a haven for mildew growth. Many name brand mildew removers are available and each will work well. Mildew can lead to major problems, so be sure to get this one.

4. Tile Cleaner – If you have a tiles shower or countertop, you will need a good tile cleaner and sponge. These cleaners work on controlling mildew, bacteria, and many other dirty details in your bathroom.

Make sure you have each of these bathroom cleaners on hand to keep your bathrooms as clean as a whistle.



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