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Types of Hand Dryers Tips

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Are all warm air hand dryers loud?

Want Quiet? Some Hand Dryers Are Louder Than Others

Libraries, offices, or public government buildings where excess noise is not appreciated can seek out quieter models of automatic electric dryers. For example, the Galaxy model of hand dryer, manufactured by Holyoke, Massachusetts-based Stiebel Eltron, has a noise level of just 54 decibels, compared with noise levels in the 60-70-decibel range that arecommon in many models. The Galaxy also has an infrared motion sensor, so it will not start blowing air until the hands are held under the dryer, which further minimizes the noise.

How quickly do warm air hand dryers work?

Choose Fast-Acting Dryers For Busy Restrooms

The most efficient hand dryers currently available can dry hands twice as quickly as older models. The faster models of restroom automatic dryers such as the Xlerator hand dryer, a product of Excel Dryer Corporation, claims to dry hands in approximately 15 seconds, compared with 30-45 seconds that it takes most standard models of restroom automatic dryers to dry hands.

What is the correct height for an automatic electric dryer?

Set Hand Dryer Heights For Men, Women, and Children

Regardless of the type of restroom automatic dryer that is installed, the height of the dryer from the floor can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the majority of the users, or facility managers can mix it up and install some dryers at varying heights. Standard distances from the floor to the bottom of the automatic electric dryer fixtures that are used in most public restrooms are as follows:

  • Men: 42 inches (107 cm)
  • Women: 40 inches (102 cm)
  • Children: 30-40 inches (46-102 cm)
  • Handicap: 34 inches (86 cm)

What type of restroom automatic dryer meets ADA requirements?

Recessed Hand Dryers Meet ADA Requirements

To make public restrooms handicap accessible, install the recessed types of restroom automatic dryers. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, a recessed model of automatic hand dryer must not protrude more than 4 inches from the wall so as not to impede wheelchair mobility

Why choose a hand dryer with a 360-degree nozzle?

360-Degree Nozzle Adds Flexibility to Automatic Electric Dryers

When choosing a hand dryer, consider the nozzle, and the clientele of the public restroom where the dryer will be installed. Some models, such as the A Series from American Dryer, feature a nozzle that rotates 360 degrees. The advantage is that it can be turned upward to dry the face as well as the hands. This is especially handy in a dormitory or in a commercial setting where employees might be washing their faces for various reasons.

What colors are available for an automatic hand dryer?

Want An Extra Flashy Hand Dryer? Go For The Gold

Automatic hand dryers can be found in different colors, which helps public restrooms comply with ADA requirements—a restroom automatic dryer in a contrasting color from the restroom wall is easier for visually impaired persons to see and use. Most models are available in black, white, graphite, stainless steel, and sometimes custom colors such as red or blue. But that's not all. For a Las Vegas touch in a public restroom, Saniflow offers a gold-tone automatic hand dryer with the same features as its other models and all the benefits of hygiene, low maintenance, and cost savings. The price is comparable, too: $325 for gold vs. $295 for a chrome finish.

What are the newest features in automatic electric dryers?

Touch-Free Automatic Hand Dryers Promote Hand Hygiene

The advent of “no-touch” or “touchless” motion sensors is one of the most important developments in automatic hand dryers in recent years, and it may be contributing to the increased use in hand dryers in response to the public interest in more hygienic public restrooms. For example, American Dryer, a company that has been manufacturing restroom automatic dryers for decades, has developed a line of touchless products called Global GX. The touchless dryers turn on with a motion sensor when users move their hands under the dryer, thus eliminating the transmission of germs through contact with a communal push button.

Hand dryers aren't new; they first appeared in public restrooms more than 50 years ago, but their presence has not been widespread because original air hand dryers were loud, large, and not very effective. But current air hand dryers dry hands quickly and quietly, and many types of hand dryers are available to suit the needs of any public restroom.

Which types of hand dryers are the most durable?

Choose Cast Iron Hand Dryers For Maximum Durability

Industrial settings such as public restrooms in schools may be appropriate venues for cast iron hand dryers when choosing an automatic hand dryer. Companies such as American Dryer offer cast iron models with enamel covers, which make them chip-resistant and easy to wipe clean, which is an important consideration for schools and businesses where users of public restrooms are more likely to be dirty due to work or gym class.

If your establishment has a theme of color or more, you can paint and decorate your cast iron hand dryer very easily. Simply score the surface of the finished cast iron dryer with some sand paper. Once the surface is sufficiently scuffed, acrylic paint will have no problem giving you a good coat over the existing color. There are many benefits to using a cast iron dryer in heavily trafficked restrooms.

What type of automatic hand dryer offer the best value?

Fixed Nozzle Hand Dryers Offer Best Value for Small Offices

For businesses seeking the hygienic benefits and cost-savings of a restroom automatic dryer without the bells and whistles, a fixed-nozzle model may be the best bet. A rotating nozzle is nice, but for restrooms with moderate daily traffic, such as the average office, a standard fixed nozzle automatic dryer is both simple and economical; a fixed nozzle model tends to cost about $30 less than the 350-degree nozzle model. And most fixed nozzle models have at least a 5-year warranty.

Are automatic hand dryers available in stainless steel?

Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryers Present A Crisp Look

Public restrooms in upscale settings such as restaurants and hotels may be appropriate venues for stainless steel hand dryers, especially with the current trend towards stainless steel in appliances and kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Stainless steel hand dryers are available from various manufacturers and can be found in both push-button and touchless styles.

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