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Public Restroom Feminine Hygiene Guide Tips

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What is the right way to dispose of snaitary napkins?

Practicing Proper Sanitary Napkin Disposal

None of us can control nature, and when nature calls we must answer. When it comes to sanitary napkins and sanitary napkin disposal, it is important to be courteous and safe and practice proper disposal.

In most women's restrooms, there are special units for sanitary napkin disposal. These should be kept separate from the regular trash because of their possibly hazardous nature. If you are using a women's restroom, be sure to use the right receptacle for sanitary napkin disposal.

Whatever you do, don't practice sanitary napkin disposal by flushing yours down the nearest toilet, any public restroom feminine hygiene guide will tell you that. While some sanitary napkins are made to be flushed, the materials used in most sanitary napkins are meant to absorb and do so when clogging a toilet. Think about the person who will have to unclog that toilet the next time you are thinking of doing this.

Practicing proper sanitary napkin disposal is important for safety and should always be observed.

Can I use a toilet for tampon disposal?

Using a Toilet for Tampon Disposal

In the past, using a toilet for tampon disposal was a ticket to one thing – a clogged toilet. Today, however, tampon makers have helped with this problem. Any public restroom feminine hygiene guide will telll you that flushing applicators is a big no-no. However, many companies are now making tampons with applicators that are made of materials designed to break down in heavy water. This means that when these tampons are flushed, they will not be around for long enough to clog your toilet.

Tampax was the first to introduce toilet safe tampon disposal. Other manufacturers have followed and now almost any major brand, probably including your brand of choice, can provide you with these convenient models. Take a look into this at your local drug store. Save yourself the trouble of unclogging your toilet by only practicing tampon disposal in the toilet with the right kinds that won't give you problems.

How do I install a sanitary napkin dispenser vending unit?

Installing a Coin Driven Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Mounting a sanitary napkin dispenser on your walls is a job that almost anyone can handle, you don't need an elaborate public restroom feminine hygiene guide to pull that one off!. Most sanitary napkin dispensers collect coins to distribute the napkins and these units come with very specific instructions for their installations. This is necessary because the owner will need to access the change receptacle frequently, which would be difficult in the face of an improper installation.

To begin installing most sanitary napkin dispensers, you will need to choose your spot on the wall for it. Because you want to get an accurate vision of the finished job, but don't want to life the unit up over and over again to measure, take advantage of this small tip. Cut out a piece of the cardboard that the unit came in to the same dimensions as the sanitary napkin dispenser. Use this to trace out where you will place the dispenser on the wall.

Next, depending on your unit, you will need to mount the bracket on the wall to which you will affix the sanitary napkin dispenser in the end. These units often have a snap-lock system between the bracket and the unit. Other units will require anchored screws to be used for mounting. Either way, the key remains the same – measure twice and drill once. Once the unit is mounted, your sanitary napkin dispenser should be ready for operation. If your model doesn't want to cooperate in its installation, contact the manufacturer for detailed troubleshooting.

How can I replace a dingy toilet seat cover or lid?

Replacing a Toilet Seat Cover

After years of use, nothing can get more dirty and dingy than a toilet seat cover. If your have gotten to the point where they need replacing, don't worry, it is super easy to do. First, go to your local home improvement store. Pick out the new toilet seat cover that you would like. You can choose from many shapes and types of materials, which come down to personal taste.

Once you get back home, begin by getting a wrench and a pair of pliers. Now, get close to the toilet so that you can look underneath. If your toilet is like most, you will see two wing-nuts, one on each side of the back of the toilet seat cover. The tops of the bolts are often encased on top of the toilet, so you will need to expose these with a flat head screwdriver or other flat edge. Simply begin unscrewing those nuts, gently as they are often made of plastic and can break. As they loosen, you will need to hold the toilet seat cover to continue unthreading the nut. Once completely off, the old toilet seat cover should easily pull off.

Now, get out the new toilet seat cover. It should have bolts with it, either built in or able to be screwed into the new cover. Get the bolts on and slide them into the two holes in the porcelain. If spacers were provided, be sure to get them in place before tightening. Get back under the toilet and start tightening the toilet seat cover with the nuts provided. Again, tighten them gently and be sure to align the toilet seat cover properly before you finish. You are done. Your new toilet seat cover should be ready to sit on and bring new life to your bathroom.

Is there a tampon holder that can give me a little more privacy in my purse?

Looking for Discretion - Try a Miniature Tampon Holder

Nobody else needs to know when it is your time of the month. Now, nobody will. If you are tired of carrying bulky tampons in your purse when your time of the month comes around, look into new miniature tampons and a miniature tampon holder.

Many women are unable to use the new, smaller tampons on the market. For those that can, however, they are a dream come true for saving space in your purse and saving face at your business lunch. For the ultimate in discretion, get a miniature tampon holder which comes in any type of fabric, including leather. Tucked in your bag, nobody could tell whether it was a tampon holder or cell phone.

This type of tampon holder is also great for when you have a formal event to attend. You shouldn't have to carry a bulky bag around when you get so dressed up. With a mini tampon holder, you can fit all you need for the night in the bag that goes with your outfit.

The convenience of a mini tampon holder is obvious. You can get one at many local stores or from online vendors who have huge selections.

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