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Looking for Discretion - Try a Miniature Tampon Holder

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Is there a tampon holder that can give me a little more privacy in my purse?

Looking for Discretion - Try a Miniature Tampon Holder

Nobody else needs to know when it is your time of the month. Now, nobody will. If you are tired of carrying bulky tampons in your purse when your time of the month comes around, look into new miniature tampons and a miniature tampon holder.

Many women are unable to use the new, smaller tampons on the market. For those that can, however, they are a dream come true for saving space in your purse and saving face at your business lunch. For the ultimate in discretion, get a miniature tampon holder which comes in any type of fabric, including leather. Tucked in your bag, nobody could tell whether it was a tampon holder or cell phone.

This type of tampon holder is also great for when you have a formal event to attend. You shouldn't have to carry a bulky bag around when you get so dressed up. With a mini tampon holder, you can fit all you need for the night in the bag that goes with your outfit.

The convenience of a mini tampon holder is obvious. You can get one at many local stores or from online vendors who have huge selections.



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