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Practicing Proper Sanitary Napkin Disposal

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What is the right way to dispose of snaitary napkins?

Practicing Proper Sanitary Napkin Disposal

None of us can control nature, and when nature calls we must answer. When it comes to sanitary napkins and sanitary napkin disposal, it is important to be courteous and safe and practice proper disposal.

In most women's restrooms, there are special units for sanitary napkin disposal. These should be kept separate from the regular trash because of their possibly hazardous nature. If you are using a women's restroom, be sure to use the right receptacle for sanitary napkin disposal.

Whatever you do, don't practice sanitary napkin disposal by flushing yours down the nearest toilet, any public restroom feminine hygiene guide will tell you that. While some sanitary napkins are made to be flushed, the materials used in most sanitary napkins are meant to absorb and do so when clogging a toilet. Think about the person who will have to unclog that toilet the next time you are thinking of doing this.

Practicing proper sanitary napkin disposal is important for safety and should always be observed.



3/27/2007 6:24:26 PM
Ann said:

Ninety percent of plumbing problems-and costly maintenance and repairs-are caused by the flushing of feminine care products. Sanitary pads, tampons and other personal care items do not decompose in sewage treatment systems like other organic waste. Properly discard feminine care products in individual-use bags such as Scensibles. Conceals contents and eases concerns of contact with germs! Tie it and Toss it! Don't flush it!


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