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Replacing a Toilet Seat Cover

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How can I replace a dingy toilet seat cover or lid?

Replacing a Toilet Seat Cover

After years of use, nothing can get more dirty and dingy than a toilet seat cover. If your have gotten to the point where they need replacing, don't worry, it is super easy to do. First, go to your local home improvement store. Pick out the new toilet seat cover that you would like. You can choose from many shapes and types of materials, which come down to personal taste.

Once you get back home, begin by getting a wrench and a pair of pliers. Now, get close to the toilet so that you can look underneath. If your toilet is like most, you will see two wing-nuts, one on each side of the back of the toilet seat cover. The tops of the bolts are often encased on top of the toilet, so you will need to expose these with a flat head screwdriver or other flat edge. Simply begin unscrewing those nuts, gently as they are often made of plastic and can break. As they loosen, you will need to hold the toilet seat cover to continue unthreading the nut. Once completely off, the old toilet seat cover should easily pull off.

Now, get out the new toilet seat cover. It should have bolts with it, either built in or able to be screwed into the new cover. Get the bolts on and slide them into the two holes in the porcelain. If spacers were provided, be sure to get them in place before tightening. Get back under the toilet and start tightening the toilet seat cover with the nuts provided. Again, tighten them gently and be sure to align the toilet seat cover properly before you finish. You are done. Your new toilet seat cover should be ready to sit on and bring new life to your bathroom.



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