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Installing a Coin Driven Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

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How do I install a sanitary napkin dispenser vending unit?

Installing a Coin Driven Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Mounting a sanitary napkin dispenser on your walls is a job that almost anyone can handle, you don't need an elaborate public restroom feminine hygiene guide to pull that one off!. Most sanitary napkin dispensers collect coins to distribute the napkins and these units come with very specific instructions for their installations. This is necessary because the owner will need to access the change receptacle frequently, which would be difficult in the face of an improper installation.

To begin installing most sanitary napkin dispensers, you will need to choose your spot on the wall for it. Because you want to get an accurate vision of the finished job, but don't want to life the unit up over and over again to measure, take advantage of this small tip. Cut out a piece of the cardboard that the unit came in to the same dimensions as the sanitary napkin dispenser. Use this to trace out where you will place the dispenser on the wall.

Next, depending on your unit, you will need to mount the bracket on the wall to which you will affix the sanitary napkin dispenser in the end. These units often have a snap-lock system between the bracket and the unit. Other units will require anchored screws to be used for mounting. Either way, the key remains the same – measure twice and drill once. Once the unit is mounted, your sanitary napkin dispenser should be ready for operation. If your model doesn't want to cooperate in its installation, contact the manufacturer for detailed troubleshooting.



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