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Using Glass Cleaner - Minus the Streaks

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How can I prevent streaks when using glass cleaner?

Using Glass Cleaner - Minus the Streaks

Nothing is more frustrating that taking the time to give a good cleaning to a glass table, window, or mirror only to find that when you are done, there are streaks everywhere. There are ways to prevent these streaks. Here are a few tips on how.

When using glass cleaner, you can buy certain types that claim to be ‘streak free'. Don't believe the hype. If improperly used, any glass cleaner will leave streaks. It is not in the chemicals completely, it is in how you apply it.

Make sure that when you are applying glass cleaner, you take long strokes with your paper towel or rag. You are not waxing the mirror and therefore you shouldn't use short motions. This type of cleaning will lead to streaks, not prevent them.

You should also wear gloves when cleaning glass whenever possible. The oils in our skin and hands will lead to streaking that is hard to remove. Gloves can block these oils from getting in the way if you accidentally lean on a piece of glass that you already cleaned.

Glass cleaner can work without leaving streaks. The key is in the application.



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