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Curved Floor Tiles In Public Restroom Corners Make Cleaning Restrooms Easier

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What features make cleaning restrooms easier/

Curved Floor Tiles In Public Restroom Corners Make Cleaning Restrooms Easier

When choosing floor surfaces for public restrooms, two goals are often at odds: The need to prevent people from falling and the need for easy cleaning. Placing curved pieces of tile--rather than tiles at 90-degree angles--in the corners of public restrooms make cleaning restrooms easier by reducing dirt build-up and cross-contamination.



12/1/2008 3:56:33 PM said:

Using a machine to clean the restroom that is a Ki-vac and a non slip additive that will bond to any floor. The weter it gets the more slip resistant it becomes.

5/23/2009 7:43:43 PM
Mike said:

If anyone is looking for a solution to meet the two goals mentioned here for bathroom floors(prevent falls and easy cleaning), you can look no further than a water-based, durable, zero-VOC solution from Ultra Durable Floors. The coating system they provide is slip resistant, highly durable for a lasting appearance and is environmentally friendly. The finish/sealer works to form a completely impenatrable surface to make the floor easy to clean and protected from stains and odor-causing bacteria.


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