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Benefits of a Touch-Free Wall Mounted Hand Dryer

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What are the benefits of a touch-free wall mounted hand dryer?

Benefits of a Touch-Free Wall Mounted Hand Dryer

In many public restrooms and restaurants, you can now use a “touch free” wall mounted hand dryer. These are activated by motion and allow you to begin drying your hand without having to press a button. Here is a brief hand dryer guide on the advantages to the touch free wall mounted hand dryer: • Cleanliness – Do you know how many people use a public restroom on any given day? A lot! Touch free wall mounted hand dryers allow each person to share in the drying experience, without sharing the germs that they have on their hands before drying. An older wall mounted hand dryer would require each person to touch the exact same spot to get started, hardly the most sanitary of conditions. • Timing – With the older wall mounted hand dryer, the air would last only as long as it was pre-programmed to when the button was pressed. Now, “touch free” wall mounted hand dryers will keep pumping that hot air out for as long as you keep moving your hand beneath it. This means no more having to race the clock to dry your hands. There are many other advantages to the new “touch free” wall mounted hand dryer. If you are in the market for a wall mounted hand dryer for your business, check into these. They are definitely worth the extra cost.



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