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Paper or Air - The Better Hand Dryer

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Why do some restrooms have paper towels and others use a wall mounted hand dryer?

Paper or Air - The Better Hand Dryer

When you are using a public restroom you often have the choice between paper towels and wall mounted hand dryers. Many restrooms only offer one or the other, but some do still have both. When deciding how to dry your hands, think about this choice before heading to the paper. The hot air powered hand dryer was invented and put into mass distribution for many reasons. First, is the environmental purpose. You see, few people use only the amount of paper towels that they need to dry their hands and instead use copious amounts of paper. This waste leads to the need for more paper, which leads to more tree cutting. The second reason is related to the first. The waste of paper is also costly to the proprietors of these restrooms, whether the state or private owner. The air hand dryer leaves no waste. Owners do not need to order more paper towels when they employ wall mounted hand dryers and this keeps their costs down greatly. Next time you have the choice between paper towels and a wall mounted hand dryer, think about your decision and its repercussions before drying your hands.



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