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Using Lids for Bathroom Trash Cans

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Should I have lids on my bathroom trash cans?

Using Lids for Bathroom Trash Cans

With bathroom trashcans, you especially do not want the trash spilling onto the floor. Someone will have to pick it up and nobody knows what that particular paper towel on the ground was used for. There is an easy solution. When you are buying bathroom trash cans for your restrooms, get ones with removable or self-swinging lids or covers.

Many restrooms do not have lids on their trash cans and this can make for problems galore. First, if your staff slacks on emptying the bathroom trash cans, there will most certainly be an overflow of garbage at some point. Also, without a lid on your bathroom trash can, offensive odors can emanate throughout the restroom over time. They can even spread into the rest of your office or restaurant.

Buying bathroom trash cans with lids makes sense for a number of reasons. Check with suppliers of bathroom trash cans to see what styles are available to you for your needs.



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