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Safely Emptying Waste Receptacles

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Is there a proper way to empty waste receptacles?

Safely Emptying Waste Receptacles

Handling other peoples waste and garbage is a job that nobody envies. For those that are charged with this responsibility, there are measures that you can take to protect yourself from what may be stored in many waste receptacles. Here are a few pointers on how to protect yourself.

• Wear Gloves – You never know what types of objects people dispose of in waste receptacles, and this can often include sharp or pointy objects, To protect yourself from getting a jab, wear dense gloves when emptying waste receptacles.

• Seal Tight – When you transfer the waste from one receptacle to another, whether bag or other means of transport seal the waste tightly to avoid it spilling out. Emptying a waste receptacle is one thing, picking up a bunch of spilled waste is another.

• Disinfect – When you empty the waste receptacle, use a disinfectant to finish the job in the empty space. Do this before putting the next bag in and you will find that you won't have as nasty a job the next time you need to empty the waste receptacles.

Emptying waste receptacles is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. If that is you, than be as safe and sanitary as you can.



3/27/2007 6:17:14 PM
Ann said:

Stall waste receptacles used for the disposal of sanitary pads and tampons are the most contaminated spot in ladies restrooms. The dangers of bloodborne pathogens are often overlooked. OSHA guidelines require practices that protect employees from direct contact with discarded feminine care products and expect that stall waste receptacles be lined properly. Not only are there risks of contact with germs and viruses but emptying these receptacles is a nasty job. Receptacles harbor nasty odors and it is repulsive to view unwrapped, discarded products. There is a new product on the market for public restrooms called Scensibles-single use scented plastic bags, with tie handle closure and embedded with antimicrobial agents to futher inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria. The clean, easy and discreet way to discard feminine care products! Scensibles are packaged for dispensing from stall mounted units. Plus they provide an alternative to flushing products down the toilet, which lead to plumbing problems! Check out the website


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