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Defogging Bathroom Mirrors - Easy Tricks

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How can I clear off the fog on my bathroom mirrors?

Defogging Bathroom Mirrors - Easy Tricks

If you are tired of getting out of the shower and having to wait for the fog to disappear from your bathroom mirrors before shaving or putting on make-up, here are a few tips that can speed up the process. • Fog-Proof Mirrors – Many bathroom mirrors are now made with fog-proof glass. These are great for use even while you are in a hot running shower. They wont fog up no matter how much steam you throw at them. • Hair Dryer – If you want to get the fog off of your bathroom mirrors quickly, use your hair dryer. A blow dryer will give off enough hot air to quickly dissipate the steam from the mirror. In ten seconds you can have a clear bathroom mirror again. • Anti-Fog Cleaners – There are versions of mirror cleaners now available that boast a resistance to steam and fog after use. Some work better than others for this purpose and I would recommend trying out a small bottle before buying too much. Keeping your bathroom mirrors fog free is easy and can be done in many ways. Don't waste any more time waiting for them to clear up on their own.



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