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Beveling Bathroom Mirrors For Effect

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Is it easy to customize my bathroom mirrors?

Beveling Bathroom Mirrors For Effect

If you are redesigning a bathroom and want to give it a little extra style, think about beveling your bathroom mirrors. You can easily put a bevel or other effect on your bathroom mirrors yourself with easy to use kits available at your local store. First, go to your local home improvement store. Ask a specialist for adhesive mirror kits. These kits come with different styles of bevels and patters and they are all able to stick directly to your current mirror. Once you choose your style, get back in front of your bathroom mirrors and get to work. Most of these kits come with self adhering tape on the pieces. You will want to have a cutting utility handy to make custom edge cuts in a snap. Once you measure out and cut your pieces, simply peel the protective paper off of the adhesive sections and stick the small pieces directly to your bathroom mirrors. These do it yourself kits a great way to spruce up your bathroom mirrors without getting into the costs of a glass cutter. Give it a try and you will see for yourself.



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