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Installing a Touchless Hand Dryer

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How can I safely install a touchless hand dryer?

Installing a Touchless Hand Dryer

To safely install a touchless hand dryer, or any electric appliance for that matter, you should first consult an electrician. You may not be able to self-install depending on your current flow of electricity and wire access. However, if you have everything in order, self-installation is a breeze. Here are some touchless dryer tips on installation:

Installing a touchless hand dryer is not much different than any other fixture, such as a fan or hanging light. First, find the outlet where you have the electricity you need to access. This may require cutting a new hole and installing a junction box for a new unit. Once your box is in place, simply attach the wires using electric tape and wire-nuts according to the instructions that come with the unit.

Once the electricity id connected, most units will come with a wall bracket for attaching the unit to the wall surface. Measure and install the bracket first. Once the bracket is in place and your wires are connected, your unit should either snap into place or require only a few screw to affix it to the bracket. When you are done, turn your breaker back on and give it a whirl. If the touchless hand dryer does not respond, consult your manufacturer for any errors or omissions in your assembly.



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