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Warm Air - Hand Dryers Most Important Factor

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What makes warm air hand dryers dry better?

Warm Air - Hand Dryers Most Important Factor

Automatic hand dryers are made to be an efficient alternative to towels, paper and other. However, without warm air, hand dryers would never be able to provide the drying capabilities necessary to practically replace towels. You see, the pressure of the air from a hand dryer is not enough to dry alone. It requires a combination of the air pressure and the warmth of the air being used to effectively dry one's hands. How warm the air from the hand dryer needs to be depends on the room it is in. The warmer the room temperature, the less warm the air needs to be from the hand dryer. The cooler the room, the hotter the air needs to be. For the most efficient warm air hand dryer, take a look at the Mediflow from Saniflow Systems. This new design of hand dryer adjusts the temperature of the air it uses based on the room's temperature. This will save you a bundle in you electricity while still giving a dry result.



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