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Polishing a Chrome Hand Dryer

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How do I clean my chrome hand dryers?

Polishing a Chrome Hand Dryer

Choosing a restroom hand dryer for your public bathroom was a task but you decided on chrome hand dryers. These dryers accent the space while still providing a good dry for the users. Now, how do you keep them looking great? Cleaning these chrome hand dryers is easy with the right tools and a little elbow grease. Here is a step by step to cleaning your chrome hand dryer. • First, get the tools. You will need a sponge, some window cleaner, some paper towels, a few clean rags, and some chrome polish (or product like NevrDull). • Next, begin by using the paper towels and window cleaner to give the surface a good clean. Here you just want to get the grime and dirt that may have accumulated after a long time in use. • After that step, you will want to start applying the chrome polish using a clean rag. Apply the polish in circles as to get an even spread with no scuffs. • Once you have applied the polish, let it set for a minute or two before buffing. • To buff the polish, take another clean rag and, applying pressure, rub the polish off in a circular motion again. Your final result should be a chrome hand dryer that could double as a mirror. It doesn't hurt to put two coats of polish on there, for that extra shine.



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