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The Downside to a Plastic Hand Dryer

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Is a plastic hand dryer durable enough for my needs?

The Downside to a Plastic Hand Dryer

With all of the choices now available in warm air hand dryers on the market, let us fill you in on one thing to steer clear of. Plastic hand dryers are often cost efficient, but when you figure that they rarely last as long as their cast iron or stainless steel counterparts and will need to be replaced far more often, the deal just isn't that good. You see, the warm air that is used in hand dryers will do more damage faster on a plastic hand dryer system. Plastics have been made far sturdier lately. However, even the sturdiest of plastics cannot compare to iron or steel. Therefore, the heat from the hand dryer will erode the plastic in less time than the metal units. If long life is a pre-requisite to your hand dryer purchase, we recommend sticking to the cast iron or steel hand dryers available and steer clear of the plastic hand dryer. When choosing a hand dryer for your bathroom, you may want to think beyond plastic.



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