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How Much Power do You Need in a Restroom Hand Dryer?

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What determines the power of a renstroom hand dryer?

How Much Power do You Need in a Restroom Hand Dryer?

Not every automatic dryer are made the same. If you are installing a restroom hand dryer in your establishment, you should decide on what power you are in need of before you shop around. Want some rstroom hand dryer tips? The power of the dryer is related to how many amps it requires to run. There are many levels of power available in restroom hand dryers. The most common power level used in restrooms today is a 20 amp model. However, new advances in the automatic restroom hand dryer have made it possible to get the same effectiveness out of a 13 or even 8.5 amp power. These new, lower amp requirements translate into a lower power bill after many uses. How much traffic do you expect in your restrooms? This will influence the power you will need in a restroom hand dryer. Consult with one of the many manufacturers and explain to them your potential use. They will be able to direct you to the right model for your needs.



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