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Advances in the Automatic Hand Dryer

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How have auctomatic hand dryers changed since they first came out?

Advances in the Automatic Hand Dryer

In the past, public restrooms were not a haven for cleanliness. Today, however, restroom technology is changing for the better. In the past, a visitor to a public restroom would be forced to touch the door, the flush lever, the faucet, the hand dryer or paper-towel dispenser, and the door again when leaving. With so many common touching surfaces, it was difficult to control the spread of bacteria and other harmful substances. With advances in the automatic hand dryer, at least one step in this process has been alleviated. Advances in the automatic hand dryer stemmed from concerns about touching fixtures as well as the fact that many fixtures are not clean in the first place. Now, you can use a public restroom without being required to flush (with automatic flushing systems) or roll out a bundle of paper towels (with automatic hand dryers). These advances in automatic hand dryers are not limited to air dryers. There is an automatic hand dryer with air, but now there are also automatic paper towel dispensers for those who wish to use paper instead of air. These new advances in the automatic hand dryer have at least taken one unsanitary step out of using a public restroom.



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