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Work in a Kitchen? Wash Your Hands

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Why are there so many regulations about washing hands if you work in a restaurant?

Work in a Kitchen? Wash Your Hands

If you work in the service industry as a cook, waiter, or other occupation where you may handle food, making sure you wash your hands is not only important, it is the law in many areas. There are guidelines for every step when you wash your hands. In a restaurant, law can dictate everything from how long you rinse to the temperature of the water you use. Here are some hand hygiene tips to use on the job.

Use an antibacterial soap when you wash your hands in a restaurant. Cross-contamination is the most common form of health issues in restaurant kitchens, and this mostly stems from people not properly washing their hands when they switch from one dish to another. Take the extra minute to properly wash your hands. It is safer, cleaner, and could save your job if you ever got caught not conforming to the required law.



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