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Defense Against Germs? Keep your Hands Clean

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Will keeping my hands clean protect me from germs?

Defense Against Germs? Keep your Hands Clean

Keeping your hands clean is not just for germaphobes. Basic hand hygiene should be practiced by everyone, regardless of whether you believe in ‘germs' or not. For those that are concerned with contracting illness and are looking for simple steps they can take to protect themselves, keeping your hands clean is a great start.

Our hands come into contact with more surfaces and elements than any part of our body. They also transfer the food we eat into our mouths. With so many opportunities, your hands can be exposed to germs many times in a given day. Now, I am not suggesting that you wash your hands every time you touch something, or carrying wetnaps in your pocket. However, keeping your hands clean as much as is reasonable is one of the best hand hygiene tips available. It can help protect you from all of the elements your hands may encounter.



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