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When Clean Hands Are Important

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When should I be sure to have clean hands?

When Clean Hands Are Important

It is always important to practice good cleanliness, however, some instance are more important than others. Here are a few situations where you will want to be extra sure you have clean hands:

• An easy number one for this list is when you are handling babies. Babies are more susceptible than adults to contracting disease. As unclean hands can carry with them bacteria and other substances, you will want to be extra sure to have clean hands when being around infants.

• Cooking is a close second. When handling foods, whether for yourself or for others, you need to be sure to avoid “cross-contamination”. Different foods carry different bacteria that when put together can be dangerous to your health and the health of others. Keep clean hands in your kitchen.

• Laundry time. Too many times, people don't clean their hands before doing their laundry. When moving clothes from a washing machine to a dryer, dirty hands can work with the wetness to create smudges on your clothes. As the clothes have already been washed, these smudges will last through the drying cycle and remain when you are done.

• Using Electronics. Many people do not know how much oil our hands create, just from nature. When using electronics, these oils can create many problems. Simple soap and water can keep your hands clean enough to work with these things without worry.



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