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A Restroom Automatic Dryer - For More Than Your Hands

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Is a restroom automatic dryer smart for my restaurant?

A Restroom Automatic Dryer - For More Than Your Hands

If you are a restaurant owner and are remodeling your restrooms, think about a restroom automatic dryer instead of towels. Buying restroom dryers is a great idea. These units offer more than just the ability to dry your customer's hands. There is one other great use, especially for restaurant restrooms. In restaurants, spills happen every day. If one of your diners has a bad spill on their clothes, they will be happier to see that you offer a restroom automatic dryer instead of paper towels. When trying to get a spill out of clothing, blotting it with a paper towel could only lead to making the stain set in more. However, an automatic dryer uses air instead of pressure to dry the spill after it is rinsed out. The hot air and drying capabilities of a restroom automatic dryer will save your diners, and sometimes yourself, from dry-cleaning bills resulting from spills.



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