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Restroom Hand Dryer - Works for Everyone

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Is a restroom hand dryer a good solution for handicap access restrooms?

Restroom Hand Dryer - Works for Everyone

All businesses that offer restrooms to their customers or clients need to conform to handicap access regulations. Along these lines, installation of a handrail and other measures are often regulated. Not regulated, but important to provide the best access to your handicap or disabled customers, is a restroom hand dryer. Paper towel dispensers, even those mounted lower, require action from the user that some handicap or disabled people would have difficulty with. An automatic restroom hand dryer, however, will work for all of your restroom users without the need for what, for some, is a strenuous exercise. If you are trying to provide your handicap and disabled customers, clients, or diners with the best possible access in your restrooms, provide them with an automatic hand dryer to complete the job.



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