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Upgrading Your Commercial Soap Dispenser

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How can I replace a commercial soap dispenser?

Upgrading Your Commercial Soap Dispenser

If you are remodeling a public or semi-private restroom in a commercial space, a big upgrade would be to replace your commercial soap dispensers. There are many newer types of commercial soap dispensers that are well constructed and offer new advantages. Here is a simple new soap dispenser guide to help in your selection:

First, there are new commercial soap dispensers that offer better control systems. This means that the flow of soap can be more controlled and save you from spills in the end. The savings you can see are great by not having to order soap quite as often.

Also, there are new, automatic commercial soap dispensers. The automatic dispensers offer your users the convenience of the dispenser without the uncomfortable need to use their hands to get the soap. More and more people are concerned about germs and these automatic dispensers can provide them with more comfort.

Upgrading your commercial soap dispensers is easy. Most simply require two screws into the mounting bracket before affixing the unit. These can be changed out in less than an hour and will make a big difference in your finished remodeling project.



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