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Sitting or Squatting - How Bad Do You Need to Use the Public Toilet?

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Is it sanitary to use a public toilet?

Sitting or Squatting - How Bad Do You Need to Use the Public Toilet?

It is completely understandable when people are uneasy about using a public toilet. In places like ball parks or rest stops, these public toilets can get pretty bad. I am sure that the people in control are doing what they can to keep it sanitary, but there is no accounting for those who could care less. However, if you really have to go, you can control the situation, to a point, yourself. Here are some valuable public bathroom tips.

First, use the toilet seat covers that are provided in many public toilets. These thin pieces of paper are more effective than you may think when it comes to keeping you separated from the last person who sat on the throne. If the public toilet you are using doesn't offer covers, you can easily accomplish the same thing using toilet paper. Simply tear of a few short sheets and layer them across the toilet lid. This will also create a sufficient barrier.

In the end, you have the choice of whether or not to use a public toilet. It all comes down to one simple question… How badly do you have to go?



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