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The Differences in Commercial Bathroom Fixtures

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What is the difference between normal and commercial bathroom fixtures?

The Differences in Commercial Bathroom Fixtures

All bathrooms are created equal, right? Wrong. For heavier usage bathrooms, commercial bathroom fixtures are installed for a variety of reasons. There are many differences between commercial bathroom fixtures and residential bathroom fixtures, but one, above all, stands apart from the rest: Conservation.

Commercial bathrooms are used far more frequently than residential ones. Therefore, there is much more waste to deal with as well as resources used. For water conservation – from toilets to sinks – commercial bathroom fixtures provide more efficiency from the water used and therefore conserve as much as possible. These conservation measures do not stop at the waterline, so to speak.

All of these efforts in conservation also conserve one other important thing – money. For the proprietor of the restroom, these commercial bathroom accessories will save them money on the water and power bills, as well as their disposable paper products.



6/23/2007 5:48:17 AM
Michele Woodbury said:

Leaving a negative carbon footprint also includes planning for human waste disposal. I have enjoyed the elements of this tip, in that I am currently planning a home that will be as "green" as I can organize, and conservation of resources, as the tip mentions, is a multi-faceted effort. Thanks.


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