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Replacing a Loose Grab Bar

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Should I replace or just fix a loose grab bar in a handicap bathroom stall?

Replacing a Loose Grab Bar

If you have handicap bathroom stalls in your restrooms, you need to keep safety a priority. After years of usage, these handicap restroom accessories will wear down like anything else. One of the most important handicap restroom accessories are grab bars, and they can go quickly. When you notice one of your grab bars may be getting loose from the wall, you need to address the problem immediately. Any future user could pull it completely from the wall and you could be facing serious fines and possible lawsuits. With a loose grab bar, you are often faced with totally replacing it when it loosens. These are typically anchored into the wall and if they loosen, this means the anchors have gone bad. Usually, this will mean that you will need to drill out new spaces for the wall anchors. You may be able to reuse the original grab bar once you have new anchors in place. However, be sure that you don't need a whole new bar. Again, just picture the consequences of not doing it right.



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