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Requirements for a Handicap Hand Dryer

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Are there regulations for handicap hand dryer accessability?

Requirements for a Handicap Hand Dryer

For public restrooms, there are many regulations regarding handicap access and it's a good idea to read up on all of the rules and regulations in a handicap bathroom guide. When it comes to hand dryers, there are few requirements that stand out. One, however, is glaring and, thanks to modern technology, is easy to conform with. ADA requirements state that a handicap hand dryer must require non-controlled delivery of the air. This means that the units in handicap stalls must be touchfree or motion activated. Disabled persons would have a hard time in many instances with pushing the button to make the dryer activate. A properly accessible handicap hand dryer will only require the user to wave their hands beneath the dryer to start it. This small reduction in effort makes a world of difference for people unable to perform the many simple actions the healthy take for granted. Make sure you provide motion activated handicap hand dryers for your patron if you run a restaurant, gas station, or other facility offering handicap accessible restrooms.



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