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The Depth of a Proper ADA Hand Dryer

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What is the required depth of an ADA approved hand dryer?

The Depth of a Proper ADA Hand Dryer

When installing a new bathroom facility in a newly constructed building it is extra important to conform to ADA specified rules and regulations. If you are including the required automatic hand dryers, you will want to pay attention to the regulations regarding their installation. One of the most important regulation with an ADA hand dryer is its depth from the wall. The depth with which an ADA hand dryer protrudes from the wall it is installed on is important because if too deep, it could be hazardous. Most hand dryers do not have sensors that will alert blind users to their presence. Because of this, the ADA hand dryer specifications state that the air dryer must not protrude from the wall more than 4 inches. Any further, and a blind user would have a great chance of bumping into it since there is no alert to its presence. Make sure you follow handicap bathroom guide set forth for ADA hand dryer installation. These rules are not arbitrary; they are for the safety of your patrons.



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