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Provide Both Air Dryers And Paper Towels At Busy Venues

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Do most people prefer air dryers or paper towels?

Provide Both Air Dryers And Paper Towels At Busy Venues

Although restroom hand dryers offer many benefits such as cutting costs, eliminating paper towel waste, and saving trees, many customers who use public restrooms in restaurants, movie theatres, and other facilities do not like them. To keep customers happy and enjoy some of the benefits of restroom automatic dryers, consider a compromise: Install some of each.

Some people find the air hand dryers time consuming and they don't think their hands are dried as thoroughly as with paper towels, despite evidence to the contrary. But people do use restroom automatic dryers, and installing both can still save money and time. Consequently, many businesses have opted to install both air hand dryers and paper towel dispensers in public restrooms, especially in places such as movie theatres that experience a high volume of use at certain times.



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